We deliver eLearning
Where internet cannot

Our turn key solution

1. eLearning & Content

Pick-up from our catalog of content or create your own interactive content.

2. Cloud Management

Our Cloud Management System will help you to control and monitor the full end to end solution.

3. Satellite Delivery

Our services include the delivery of content anywhere in your target territory.

4. Local Gateways

Our gateways have been designed to receive satellite content, store it and stream it locally.

5. Target location

Local streaming can be offered at any places including schools, universities, homes, public places, remote village, hospitalities...

6. Multi Devices

Content can be streamed to hundreds of smart devices including laptop, tablet, smart phones..

Our Local Gateway


We can support up to 5 satellite inputs to receive IP content and create local URL for streaming.


We can support 8TB and more of digital storage equivalent to thousands video, Audio, eBook, Web pages, APK application…  


Our powerful WiFi can stream video to hundreds of smart devices watching different content.


Our system can support docker macro service to run different applications like Learning Management system, Web server, DRM and more


Our gateway can provide internet via 4G/5G, ADSL or Satellite (VSAT) to be used as return channel or WiFi sharing.  This is optional.


End user can navigate and watch digital content using their browser or our Android/iOS application.

Local streaming

Teachers can play multimedia content on class TV screens.
Students can play lessons and engage in interactive activities on their Smart devices
Students can download lessons and activities for home schooling and synchronize when back to school
Teachers can monitor progress of each kids and provide support accordingly

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